O Level Chemistry Tuition Online and Study Tips for GCSE

In High School, once you’ve come to the GCSE level you have already grasped the basics of chemistry you’ve studied and will be more focused on studying and getting a better understanding of chemistry more in-depth in order to get the best grade for your exam. Therefore, the best way to students learning and getting the preparation needed for their upcoming chemistry exam is by running through the curriculum.

As students you will be learning about chemical changes, chemistry concepts, atoms – the structure as well as the periodic table. In Chemistry,it teaches students that not only will the learning of theory be adequate but they will also be tested on their practical skills in the laboratory and would be prepared to conduct and plan experiments – ultimately writing their findings and analyzing its results.

The process of studying for your exams could indeed be overwhelming at the start – however, once get started you would be gaining a better understanding of chemistry curriculum and the knowledge needed to achieve high grades for your exams.

When revising for Chemistry there are many mistakes which students often make which is crucial to be corrected before the exam in order for the student to improve. One common error students make is students writing a summarised description when a question specifies on an explanation in which chemistry examiners expect – therefore the description alone will not give them marks. Therefore, it is crucial to get into the habit/practice of demonstrating those answers with the use of correct scientific vocabulary as it teaches students on how to score better.

Science subjects such as Chemistry are extremely useful as it provides definitions on terms which often enables students score’s to be better. There will also be a clear-cut set of examples to be remembered in detail along with different chemistry concepts where once it’s embedded into your mind, you would always be able to answer any question well. With chemistry it is different to when studying Biology. You often need to familiarise yourself with not only definitions but also calculations along with its processes.

Past paper for GCSE past papers for the chemistry exam are a vital tool for students when revising. By practicing with past papers, you would be able to get a better grasp on how the exam paper will be structured. While you get a better understanding on the structure – you could also look over the Mark Schemes which would highlight the errors made and correct them in order for students to improve. There are often key terms in Chemistry concepts which needs to be covered in order to get marks – therefore, it would mean that the chemistry exam is not marked based on just the students knowledge of the subject but you are expected to answer all questions based on how the chemistry examiners expects you to.

Therefore, with thousands of students across the country sitting for this chemistry exam in the coming months, mark schemes are seemingly changing often increasing the more challenging questions for junior college level students.

Therefore, we have included some online chemistry tuition sites which holds a great number of study materials for chemistry students to refer when revising for their chemistry exam


Mini Chemistry provides detailed notes for each topic in Pure Chemistry, along with a few practice questions for each topic so you can test your understanding along the way!


Secondary School Chemistry has topical notes for your reference, as well as bonus strategies on Qualitative Analysis, manipulating formulae and a mind map for Organic Chemistry


Swipe Tuition provides an excellent summary of all topics, which is especially useful if you need a quick revision the night before your paper.


O&A Level Notes uploads topical notes in PDF format for easy accessibility. You can download these notes and read them on the go!

Nonetheless, it is the application of knowledge and gaining a good understanding of science which is prioritized in GCSEs. It would also come to students advantage if they go over the chief examiners report as they will be able to gain a better understanding on what is expected from chemistry examiners at the chemistry exam.

While there are many great resources accessible online, nothing beats having a personalised plan and dedicated tutor to help you ace your O Levels! Tutopiya offers a free one-hour trial for all students; sign up today to see if online tutoring is for you.

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